Front panels are suitable for the following models of RADIK radiators: KLASIK, VK, VKU, VKL, VKM8, VKM8-L, VKM8-U, KLASIK – R

Front panels are available also in other colours from KORADO colour range with an extra charge 30 %, or optionally from RAL colour range with an extra charge 40 %. 

Detachable front panels are easy to mount and dismount. They are fixed to the radiator with special magnets and clips.

Mounting is very easy, no need of professional assistance.

Notice: The front panel may reduce the heat output of the radiator by up to 7 %.

SET (accessories) for installation of the front panel:

  • detachable front panel PLAN/LINE
  • set of top and bottom fixation clips
  • set of magnets


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