RADIK - Steel panel radiators
Cataloguepdf15.48 Mb
CONVECTORS - The complete range
Cataloguepdf22.79 Mb
KORALUX - Towel rail radiators
Cataloguepdf12.21 Mb
KORATHERM - Design radiators
CataloguePDF5.34 Mb
Local ventilation and heat recovery units
Cataloguepdf5.87 Mb
Archive of declarations of performance - RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM
Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificatepdf506.11 Kb
Certificate Belarussia
Certificatepdf2.27 Mb
Certificate GOST - Russian quality mark
Certificatepdf478.84 Kb
Certificate NF - French quality mark
Certificatepdf467.39 Kb
Certificate RAL - German quality mark
Certificatepdf441.39 Kb
Certificate Ukraine
Certificatepdf13.08 Mb
Certificate Ukraine 01-2016 - RADIK
Certificatepdf2.03 Mb
Declaration of Conformity 07-2015 - LOCAL VENTILATION UNITS
Certificatepdf750.75 Kb
Declaration of Performance 01-2018 - RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM
Certificatepdf5.22 Mb
Declaration of Performance 13-2014 - Convectors
Certificatepdf11.44 Mb
Hygiene certificate - RADIK CLEAN, CLEAN VK
Certificatepdf957.91 Kb
Hygiene certificate - RADIK HYGIENE, HYGIENE VK
Certificatepdf752.12 Kb
Hygienic certificate RADIK, KORALUX, KORATHERM
Certificatepdf5.05 Mb
KORALUX-E - Declaration of Conformity
Certificatepdf471.16 Kb
Operation and quarantee terms and conditions for convectors
Certificatepdf218.12 Kb


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