New in 2015 - local ventilation and heat recovery units

Dear business partners,

It is our pleasure to introduce a new range in the product portfolio of KORADO company to you - a comprehensive range of local wall mounted ventilation and heat recovery units.

Local ventilation units KORADO not only ensure the controlled replacement of old air in your room with fresh air but also have other additional functions. The wide range of properties offered by individual ventilation units starts with the basic air exchange function, through heat recovery, protection against excessive humidity, noise reduction, and ends with highly effective air filtration.

The comprehensive range of local ventilation units KORADO consists of three product groups: KORAVENT (ventilation units), KORASMART (ventilation units with heat recovery) and SENSOBOX (intelligent sensors of air quality).

You will find all information about the benefits of KORADO ventilation units and full technical details here.

This new range is available from March 2015.

Your KORADO Team

3. 3. 2015
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