S-CONTROL - Integrated system for energy saving products

Dear business partners,

it is our pleasure to inform you that KORADO Group is launching a new range of products suitable for low energy buildings. You will find a complete range of these products under the brand S-CONTROL which represents an integrated system of energy saving products for heating, cooling and ventilation. This system includes a comprehensive range of radiators, convectors and heat recovery units.

Products included in S-CONTROL system are suitable for all types of buildings - family houses, apartment buildings, office buildings as well as multi-purpose buildings, and they are at the same time intended for all heat sources, in particular for modern low temperature systems.

The common feature of all products included in S-CONTROL system is a high heating, cooling or ventilation performance, low consumption or energy and significant savings for the customer. Another important benefit is a complex customer service provided by a reliable partner, KORADO Group. Last but not least, a major focus is put on environmental protection and a healthy climate in the interior.

The introduction of the system solution S-CONTROL is closely connected with our long-term strategy to invest into modern technologies and innovative products which will satisfy the increasing demand of our customers.

You will find all information and technical details about S-CONTROL system here.

9. 3. 2015
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