New models in RADIK product range

Dear business partners,

We have extended our product portfolio with new panel radiator models within the RADIK range. The first new model is a panel radiator with bottom middle connection and universal placement of the regulation valve RADIK VKM-U. Another new model is RADIK VKM-L with bottom middle connection and regulation valve on the left side.

Specifically for kindergartens and nursing homes we have launched two panel radiator models RADIK MATERNELLE VK and RADIK MATERNELLE VKL in triple panel version where the front panel is not heated with hot water therefore there is no risk of getting burnt by the hot radiator.

The last two new models are RADIK PLAN KLASIK-R and RADIK LINE KLASIK-R designed for a quick replacement of cast-iron or steel column radiators with a connecting pitch of 500 mm.

19. 9. 2017
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