Novelty in 2014 – RADIK RC – energy saving radiator

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We would like to introduce you a novelty in our range of steel panel radiators – RADIK RC energy-saving radiator. It is a radiator with a unique technology of a controlled flow whose main benefit is the cost saving up to 15% of the average annual heating costs in comparison with the conventional radiators. Other benefits of this radiator are a faster warming, higher utilization of the comfortable radiant heating component and a significant reduction of heat losses of the wall behind the radiator.

RADIK RC steel panel radiators are fitted with altered built-in distribution tappings linking up the front and rear panels by means of a distribution valve which allows regulating the flow or completely closing the rear panel of the radiator and thus customizing the heat output to the current needs of the heat in the room. With this unique technology it is possible to operate the radiator in energy saving mode in most of the heating season and thus achieve significant savings in heating costs.

RADIK RC energy saving radiators are available in VKU version with a right or left bottom connection, and also in PLAN design version with a flat front panel.

All information about the benefits of RADIK RC radiators and detailed technical information can be found here.

The novelty of company KORADO, RADIK RC, can be ordered from May 2014.

Novelty in 2014 – RADIK X-CONTROL - energy saving radiator

13. 6. 2014
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