Standard delivery/Selectable specification KORAFLEX FW

Standard delivery contains

  • galvanized steel case, coated in RAL 9005 – black
  • Al/Cu heat exchanger with low water content and air vent
  • group of low-energy fans
  • connecting terminal (F Box)
  • 2 temperature switches (heating, cooling)
  • side covering metal sheets in the case colour
  • anodized Al frame, U profile, in the natural aluminium colour
  • fixing anchors for fastening the case to the floor
  • a pair of stainless-steel elastic hoses for easy connection
  • chipboard cover plate protecting the heat exchanger from dust and dirt on building site
  • 25 mm height adjustment screws to compensate the floor unevenness
  • the unit is packed in a durable packaging and contains an istallation manual

Optional accessories

  • Exclusive or Inox finish
  • colour of the anodized Al frame – natural aluminium, light and dark bronze in the F profile or light or dark bronze in the U profile
  • shut off valve, thermostatic valve head or thermoelectric drive
  • covering plate with increased rigidity
  • case with noise-absorbing foil (reduction of noisiness by 1 to 3 dB)

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