KORALUX NEO-ER (KLNER) is a side-open electric direct towel rail radiator with horizontally aligned bars with an integrated temperature regulator. Closed steel elements with a circular cross-section of Ø 25 mm are used as heating bars, and the distribution and collection bars have a circular cross-section of Ø 38 mm. Special brackets (4 pcs) ensuring a safe mounting of the radiator on the wall delivered as standard.

The direct electric radiators in the -ER version are equipped with an electric heating element with an electronic room air temperature controller. The direct radiators are supplied as standard in RAL 9016 white colour. The electric heating element is equipped with a white controller with a white connection cable. The -ER version direct radiator can also be ordered in the KORADO or RAL colour scheme. The electric heating element with a chrome regulator with a silver connection cable is included. The electric heating element is connected to the fixed electrical supply via a supply cable to the installation box.

Technical Data

Height (H)1095, 1415, 1695 mm
Length (L)496, 596 mm
Depth (B)60 mm
Rated voltage230 V/50 Hz
Output range400 ÷ 800 W
Temperature switchmax. 85°C
ProtectionIP 44
Appliance class1
Cable length1,5 m
Working positionVertical with mains cable outlet at the bottom

Heat output [W]

Type Electric input P [W] MC [kg]
KLNER 1100.500 400 20,1
KLNER 1100.600 500 22,6
KLNER 1420.500 600 26,1
KLNER 1420.600 700 29,6
KLNER 1700.500 700 31,6
KLNER 1700.600 800 35,4
MC = total weight of the radiator including electric heating element and filler

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