KORASMART TUBE 2400 and 2400E

Local ventilation unit KORASMART TUBE with heat recovery based on the principle of varying direction of air flow

Unit body KORASMART TUBE is installed in a tube passing through the perimeter wall and connection the interior and exterior. Upon acitvation, the fan inside the unit turns from the interior to exterior, so the evacuated stale air charges the heat exchanger. Approximately after a minute, the direction of the rotation switches back and the cold supplied air takes the accumulated heat from the exchanger. This process then repeats continuously. 

The continuous suplly of fresh air requires two unis installed in the room, opposite each other. With only one unit the direction of air flow changes in regular intervals. 

Aktivní větrací jednotka Active ventilation unit
Přívod vzduchu AIR supply

AIR evacuation
Filtr na velké
prachové částice Filter of large dust particles
Ovládání vlhkosti
humidity control
proti hluku Noise protection
Zpětné získávání
heat recovery
do ložnic
suitable for bedrooms
úsporná jednotka Energy saving unit

Advantages KORASMART TUBE 2400 and 2400E

  • automatic ventilation mode
  • heat recovery up to 90 %
  • two in one: auxiliary ventilation and evacuation functions
  • change of air flow direction in minute cycle
  • stylish design - functional element is placed in the ventilation tube
  • controlled ventilation of flat - units sommunicate with each other and change the air flow as needed
  • wireless communication between units
  • simple control using SI Comfort application through a smart phone or tablet
  • optional programming of unit operation 
  • easy installation 

Unit type


Unit with manually controlled flap


Unit with electronically controlled flap

Technical Data

Height279 mm
Width279 mm
Depth63 mm
Noise absorption (DIN EN 20140-10)Dn,e,w = 35 dB
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Air power output with a fan 15 m3/h* 32 m3/h* 45 m3/h*
Noise level (DIN EN ISO 3745,at 8 dB room insulation) LN = 25 dB (A) LN = 38 dB (A) LN = 46 dB (A)
Power input 2,1 W 2,9 W 4,3 W
Electrical connection230 V
Heat recovery efficiencyup to 90 %
Filter classG3
Plastic cover colourwhite

* This is the total air capacity. In case of alternating operation the volume of supplied air is half of the total (7,5; 16; 22,5 m3/h).



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