• designed for all models and types with welded fixing hangers, above all for the HYGIENE version (all RADIK HYGIENE and RADIK CLEAN models)
  • selection not dependent on the height of the radiator H
  • zinc-coated metal parts
  • the set enables mounting on the wall at a distance of D = 35 ÷ 65 mm from the wall, at a distance of D = 65 ÷ 80 mm a bracket must also be used on the lower pair of fixing hangers (not a support)
  • used for masonry from perforated and solid bricks and porous concrete
  • ø 18 mm drill must be used for drilling into the wall
  • maximum permitted vertical load on the bracket is 1000 N at D = 50 mm

Way of fixing

Position of hangers for RADIK radiators

Set contains

  • 2 x bracket, 2 x support
TypeH (mm)Order number
Drill-in bracket 18/120300÷900Z-U144
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