General - Can heat meters (cost distributors) be used on your radiators?

Using ratio meters on our radiators is possible and very common. KORADO, a.s. is however not a supplier of these systems, and so the way of measuring and installation of heat meters on radiators is the "know-how" of companies that produce these indicators. Therefore, please address you questions directly to the vendor of a concrete cost distributor. 

If the surface finish of radiator gets disturbed mechanically or another way, the warranty for the surface finish and tightness of radiators on both sides of the plate which the meters are fixed to becomes void. The defined threshold for the loss of warranty is an area at a distance of 250 mm from the point of mechanical or thermal damage to the plate (weld spot, surface with coating removed in the preparation of the joint, etc.), and any other defect caused by such mechanical or other disturbance of the surface finish.

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