General - What is your tip regarding connecting your radiators to a system with forced circuit in the perspective of the fittings used?

We recommend that you connect the radiator so as to enable the fitting to:

    • control the flow of the heating fluid
    • be able to close on both the inlet and outlet
    • control the temperature of air in the room that is being heated

Important for practice - the recommended use of the fittings:

1 Inlet water pipe:
    • thermostatic valve with a pre-set flow rate, possibly with a fixed flow rate constant + thermostatic head
    • thermostatic valve can be integrated in connecting fitting (HM fitting)
2 Outlet water pipe:
    • screw union at least a sealing function (radiator shut down, heating system in operation))
    • screw union also with regulatory function or the possibility of draining and filling the radiator (special tool must be used)
    • Screw union with the respective functions may be integrated into the connecting fitting ("H” fitting - inlet and outlet water manifold, usually with a pitch of 50 mm)

This recommendation is based on the requirements of the Decree of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Coll No. 193/2007.

Quote of the Decree: Coll. 193/2007 Section 4,Part of Art. 1

"...Every radiator is equipped with a valve that can close and control and has a regulator to ensure local control and two-point connection, excluding one-pipe heating systems, and also with regulating screw union, unless it is a case by Section 7 par. 5”

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