RADIK - How to properly use the mounting template?

The mounting template can be used for all models of KORADO panel radiators with the bottom connection and a pitch of 50 mm. The template consists of 2 essential parts - plate and connecting piece. For each of them there is a choice of two items:

Selecting the “plate”:

Depends on the model and type of fitted radiators.

Plate 100

Plate 155

designed for all models (except the type VKU 33 - for the  left bottom connection assembly)

for all models without exception

Selecting the “connecting piece”:

Depends on the type of fitting to connect the radiator.

Connecting piece with inner threads G½ Connecting piece with inner threads G¾

for fittings with external thread G½, e.g. shut-off fitting (if black steel pipe is used)

for fittings with a sleeve nut (≈ G ¾ reduction to G ½) with internal G¾ thread, e.g. “H”* type compact fitting (when using copper, plastic or combinations of plastic and metal pipes)

* 2 pcs of ½” reduction to ¾", which are necessary to connect radiators with connection fitting, to be only used when fixing the radiator.

Important for practice:

See instructions in using the mounting template

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