Ventilation Units - How to ventilate properly?

In living rooms, the quality of indoor air gradual deteriorates due to the influence of people, building materials and appliances used, etc. Effective ventilation can ensure enough fresh air while creating a healthy and comfortable environment for users.

The minimum required ventilation intensity value in living rooms (rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.), is 0.3 [h-1] according to ČSN EN 15665/Z1. To achieve higher quality of indoor air the recommended ventilation intensity may range between 0.5 – 0.7 [h-1], according to ČSN EN 15251. This value tells us how many times per hour we should let fresh air in the room in an amount that corresponds to the total volume of the ventilated room. The table below lists the recommended normative values ​​for ventilation in residential buildings.

As an evaluation criterion for the quality of indoor air, mainly CO2 concentration or relative humidity is used in practice.

Increased air humidity is directly related to the occurrence of wet spots in cold areas of the interior and ultimately growth of moulds.

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