Ventbox 150UP HRV Premium

Central heat recovery units with heat transfer efficiency up to 91 %

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The unit provides controlled ventilation with air recovery, radon ventilation and removes moisture in the house. It is also an effective tool for filtration of dust and various allergens and helps to reduce the building's energy consumption. The basic principle of controlled ventilation is to bring fresh air into the house, which is heated through the walls of the recuperation heat exchanger and is then distributed to the living areas. Conversely, stale air is extracted from bathrooms, toilets and kitchen. It transfers its heat in the exchanger
and, together with water vapour, CO2 and other pollutants, is discharged through the facade out of the house.

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depth 1 250 mm

depth 1 250 mm

height 195 mm

height 195 mm

width 590 mm 

width 590 mm 

air power output from 30 to 150 m3/h

air power output from 30 to 150 m3/h

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195 × 590 × 1250
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Technical information

Technical Data

Ventbox 150UP HRV Premium | rozpad_centralka_150up.png
H: Height (mm) 195
Width (mm) 590
Depth (mm) 1250
Heat recovery efficiency up to 91 %
Air power output with a fan 30 - 150 m³/h
Noise level (DIN EN ISO 3745,at 8 dB room insulation) 55 dB


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