Inserted valve Eclipse for steel panel radiators KORADO

Valve Eclipse 4381

It is possible to replace standard inserted valve 4360 with inserted valve Eclipse 4381 in all panel radiators RADIK VENTIL KOMPAKT and design radiators KORATHERM HORIZONTAL VKM.

Valve Eclipse is equipped with a water flow regulator which works fully automatically. There is a possibility to set up a mass flow between 10 and 150 kg/h. It is possible to set up the required water flow directly on the thermostatic valve Eclipse by setting up the respective value on its scale. The automatic water flow limiter integrated in the valve ensures a limitation of maximal water flow according to the set-up value corresponding to the required radiator output. The valve is regulating water flow independently on differential pressure.

You can find detailed information about the valve HERE

It is possible to order the valve Eclipse 4381 from our business partners as a spare part with a code Z-ND-068.

Valve project instructions:

While projecting steel panel radiators with inserted valve Eclipse it is important to verify if needed mass water flow is not bigger than the maximum valve flow which is 150 kg/h. A verifying calculation has to result from a specific temperature gradient of heating system in which steel panel radiators with valve Eclipse are projected.

6. 10. 2020
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