Ventilation and heat recovery units


Do you want to not waste heat, but also long for some fresh air without any dust and pollen? The simple solution is KORADO heat recovery and ventilation units. Simultaneous supply and exhaust of air from the room can prevent the formation of excess moisture and mould. This system filters dust and pollen thoroughly and therefore represents the ideal solution, especially for children as well as people who suffer from an allergy and asthmatics. But how to keep warm without running up a huge heating bill?

Most KORADO ventilation units are also able to recover heat thanks to heat recovery and therefore help to reduce heating costs. A bonus offered by each ventilation unit is its easy installation, reduction of noise from outside and simple replacement of the filter. Are you looking for a more central solution for the whole house? In addition to local units, we also manufacture and provide central ventilation units with heat recovery.


  • Continuous supply of filtered fresh air into the interior.

  • Ventilation units with heat recovery significantly reduce heat losses.

  • Suitable for ventilation of apartments, offices as well as family houses.


possibility to select filters

possibility to select filters

air power output: LOCAL UNITS: 15 - 60 m3/h CENTRAL UNITS: 30 - 400 m3/h

air power output:

LOCAL UNITS: 15 - 60 m3/h

CENTRAL UNITS: 30 - 400 m3/h

for new and existing buildings and reconstructions

for new and existing buildings and reconstructions


Check out our new. Radiator suitable for heat pumps. RADIK V-POWER

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