KORAFLEX FV 11/34 InPool

Swimming pool floor convector with forced convection

depth 11 cm, width 34 cm
  • used for heating
  • provided with water drain and dividing partition
  • high heat output
  • low noise even in max. rpm
  • possibility of control through BMS (Building Management System)
  • special warranty and installation conditions
  • recommended to fit with aluminium grid or Stainless steel Cross AISI 316
  • supplied only with the InPool design
  • the convector is intended for damp environment (i.e. indoor swimming pools, winter gardens)

In case of floor convector KORAFLEX FV 11/34 InPool the linear floor grid could not be manufactured as a standard product. Previous consultation is necessary and if possible the convector case is adapted.

Heating Heating
Forced convection Forced convection
Quiet operation Quiet operation
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly
Minimal consumption of energy Minimal consumption of energy
Higher performance Higher performance

Technical Data

Width including the U/F type frame U/F (mm)344U/374F
Floor case width (mm)298
Grid width (mm)330
Max. adjustable height (V max. mm)123 - 150
Case height (mm)115
Length (mm)800 - 2 800 (at 400 mm steps)
Exchanger height (mm)50
Exchanger width (mm)120
Exchanger effective length (mm)L - 350
Fans impeller diameter (mm)40
Connection to the rating system2 x G 1/2" inner
Case materialstainless steel AISI 316

Version of convectors KORAFLEX FV 11/34 InPool

InPoolInPoolnerezové provedení vany AISI 316, nelakovaný výměník (do vlhkého prostředí)

Heat output [W]

Heat output calculated to ∆T= 50; (t1/t2/ti = for 75/65/20 °C)

Width [mm] 340
Depth [mm] 110
Length [mm] 800 1200 1600 2000 2400 2800
Max. intake/voltage DC 5,5/12-24 11/12-24 12/12-24 20/12-24 22,5/12-24 23,5/12-24
Noisiness – sound pressure 1 m Lp (A) 0 16,1 23,6 30,5 0 16,4 24,1 30,9 0 16,7 24,4 31,1 0 17,2 25 31,4 0 17,4 25,1 31,7 0 17,7 25,3 31,7
Switch position Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3 Off 1 2 3
∆T50 166 538 710 875 298 1016 1340 1653 430 1345 1774 2107 562 1972 2602 3209 694 2205 2910 3589 826 2342 3091 3812

Temperature exponent m = 1,1

Weights and volumes of water

stainless steel kg/1lm10,75
KORAFLEX FV InPool guarantee

Floor convectors including the grid intended for use in the pool area must be kept clean and washed regularly with clean water and maintained with suitable preparations for the preservation of the stainless steel. Convectors are equipped with a drain to prevent their permanent flooding which must be kept clear of any blockage. Floor convectors Koraflex FV InPool cannot be used for pools with salt water. More information can be found in the operating and warranty terms.

Standard delivery contains

  • stainless steel case (stainless steel AISI 316)
  • AI/Cu heat exchanger with low water content, air vent and uniquely shaped lamellas for a higher heat output
  • separated group of low-energy fans
  • drainage holes, including a separation barrier for trapping leaking in water
  • connecting terminal (F Box)
  • exchanger temperature switch
  • side covering metal sheets in the case colour
  • anodized Al frame, U profile, in the natural aluminium colour
  • a pair of stainless-steel elastic hoses for easy connection
  • chipboard cover plate protecting the heat exchanger from dust and dirt on building site
  • approx. 25 mm height adjustment screws to compensate the uneven floors and an fixing anchor fastening flag for securing the ground
  • the unit is packed in a durable packaging and contains an istallation manual

Optional accessories

  • anodized Al frame, F profile (see sketch)
  • colour of the anodized Al frame – natural aluminium, light and dark bronze in the F profile or light or dark bronze in the U profile
  • shut off valves, thermostatic valve head thermoelectric drive
  • cover plate with increased rigidity


  • Standard supply does not include the regulation. The regulation must be ordered separately in accordance with the technical parameters.
  • Electrical regulation and regulation elements
  • Regulation is identical for all OC convectors.

Ordering codes convectors KORAFLEX FV 11/34 InPool

Ordering codes for convectors Koraflex FV InPool

Ordering example

KORAFLEX with forced convection, length 120 cm, depth 11 cm, width 34 cm InPool finish (stainless steel case, heat exchanger without any surface finish) and the F shaped frame, silver eloxal coat = InPool version

Ordering code – FVP1201134-NP0RF1

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