KORALUX towel rail radiators are primarily intended for heating bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, living spaces, offices, entrances and hallways of residential and public buildings. Their modern design allows them to blend in with most interiors and the choice of colours meets the requirements for good colour combinations.

Their design allows for their use in both gravity fed and pressurized hot water systems with the maximum water temperature up to 110 °C. Radiators must be installed in a professional way in hot water systems which are carried out professionally according to VDI 2035 with regard to the protection against damage caused by corrosion and scale.

The following main water quality attributes must be adhered to:

  • pH range 8.5 - 9.5 (this applies for systems which do not contain aluminium)
  • overall water hardness (content of Ca + Mg ions) up to 1mmol/l
  • salinity within the range 300 - 500 μS/cm
  • oxygen content max. 0.1 mg/l
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