Intelligent air quality sensor with option to control wall ventilation units

SENSOBOX gives the green light to fresh air. This intelligent and high-quality sensor registers not only concentrations of CO2 but also concentrations of many other harmful substances (VOC), even before the human body is able to react and before recommended values are exceeded. It automatically activates wall ventilation if necessary – if CO2, nicotine, smoke, unpleasant odours in the room, etc., need to be addressed. The current air quality can also be seen. The air quality is indicated by three LEDs on the front panel.

Example of ventilation unit control
SENSOBOX wave registers a bad air in the room and sends a control radio signal to the wall ventilation unit KORAVENT 100W which will increase the air power output, thus reducing the concentration of harmful substances in the room.

SENSOBOX benefits

  • it detects a wide range of harmful substances present in the room even before the human body can react
  • allows easy and comfortable ventilation when needed
  • elegant design, easy installation and assembly
  • can be used anywhere with conventional wiring or via a wireless connection (Z-Wave)

Unit types

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