Fixing to the floor – HORIZONTAL version

KORATHERM decorative radiators HORIZONTAL model, specifically models 20, 21 and 22 up to a maximum height of Hmax = 588 mm can be mounted on the floor with the help of special bracket stands. These radiators can also be ordered without welded hangers for mounting on the wall. For covering the base plate of the bracket stands, it is possible to order a two-part cover to hide the fixing screws.

Number of brackets
For mounting the KORATHERM HORIZONTAL models up to a length of L = 2000 mm, it is necessary to use two bracket stands; three brackets stands are needed for lengths of L = 2300, 2600, and 3000 mm. The models KORATHERM HORIZONTAL – M and KORATHERM HORIZONTAL VKM can be mounted to the floor using two stand brackets.

Position of hangers and table with sizes


Bracket for mounting on the floor

Flat panel radiators KORATHERM in the version HORIZONTAL in types 20, 21 and 22 and height up to Hmax = 588 mm can be mounted on the floor with the help of the stand bracket KORATHERM.

KORATHERM stand bracket

for Type 20, 21for Type 22Extension piece for stand brackets RADIK and KORATHERMCover for KORATHERM stand brackets
  • The set contains one bracket, complete material for mounting and mounting instructions
  • Use up to a height of Hmax = 588 mm
  • Individual parts coated with white paint
  • The maximum vertical load on the bracket is 1000 N

Ordering brackets and accessories

TypeOrder number
KORATHERM stand bracket for types 20 and 21Z-U580-XY
KORATHERM stand bracket for type 22Z-U581-XY
Cover for KORATHERM stand brackets - whiteZ-U582
Extension piece for stand brackets RADIK and KORATHERMZ-U402

We offer stand brackets in the colours to be found in our colour card. Order codes of stand brackets are Z - U580 - XY and Z - U581 - XY. Positions XY stand for the colour code. The basic colour is white RAL 9016, other colour shades are subject to an additional charge.
Additional charge for colours from KORADO colour card: + 20%, additional charge for other colours from RAL colour  range: 30%.

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