Free standing convectors installation KORALINE LK

Installation instructions

  1. brackets – floor mounted. You may select from stands for a subfloor or finished floor. The subfloor variant alllows a height tolerance of approx. 50 mm. Dimensions for fastening to the floor is shown in the picture below.

  2. wall-mounted. We suggest mounting at least 100 mm above the finished floor. Supplied brackets (2 – 3 pcs) allow a height tolerance of 20 mm, length tolerance of 10 mm. Distance between the fixing points is shown in the picture below.

Assembly procedure (applicable for all models)

The first step is to measure and fix brackets by drilling. Then you may install the heat exchanger on them and connect it to the heating system.
The last step is to mount the case with cover grille and anchor it to brackets. Cover grille of KORALINE Exclusive is detachable for easier cleaning. For detail information see the assembly manual. Units are supplied assembled, except for stands and brackets, valve and a potential extension piece, which are attached to the product separately.

Fastening of KORALINE LKX and LKE floor brackets to a finished floor

Fastening of KORALINE LKX and LKE wall brackets to a wall

Fastening of KORALINE LKX and LKE brackets to a subfloor

Mounting location KORALINE LV


Assembly instructions

Assembly instructions - Free standing convectors KORALINE LK - OLD TYPES
Assembly instructions - Free standing convectors KORALINE LD - OLD TYPES
Assembly instructions - Free standing convectors KORALINE LV

Overview of stands and brackets for free standing convectors KORALINE attachment

Bench convectors KORALINE in Exclusive LKX and Economic LKE versions are supplied as standard with stands for a finished floor.
Other fastening methods include brackets for a subfloor or brackets for mounting bench convector on a wall.

Contents of the set for connection of KORALINE LK  

Axial thermostatic valve

standard supply content

  • maximum operating pressure: PN 10
  • maximum operating temperature 120 °C
  • connection type: M 30 × 1,5
  • connection – piping: 1/2"
  • connection – body: 1/2" – gasket O-ring
  • Kvs: 0,8

With a thermostatic head 2K (m3/h)


Without a thermostatichead KVS (m3/h)


This valve type is part of the accessories for all convectors KORALINE.

Extension piece

standard supply content

  • it is used to adjust the height between the input and output of the fittings at multiple-line exchangers
  • brass version
  • connection thread G 1/2" female
  • gasket O-ring

Note: The connecting set elements are packed as a complete set and cannot be supplied separately.

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