Data for fixing - RADIK radiators in height 200mm


Steel panel radiators RADIK in height 200mm can be mounted on the wall as well as on the floor. Radiators are delivered with the necessary number of „Split brackets Plus" designed for wall mounting as standard.

Mounting on the floor can be carried out with special stand brackets Z-U400 which are not delivered as standard, and must be ordered separately.

Radiators in lengths up to 1800 mm are mounted with two brackets, radiators in length 1800 mm and longer are mounted with three brackets.

Mounting on the wall


The X2 figure is increased by 2 mm for PLAN radiators

Mounting on the floor

Ordering brackets

TypeCode for ordering
Split bracket Plus – set 2 pcsZ-U556
Split bracket Plus – set 3 pcsZ-U557
Stand bracket for types 22, 33Z-U400

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