• designed for all models and types except for models RADIK VKU, RADIK VKM type 10 and RADIK RC version
  • welded fixing hangers are used for fixing the radiator
  • requires ordering 2 separate items (set + load-bearing profile) and their assembly when fixing the radiator
  • selection of the load-bearing profile is dependent on the height of the radiator H
  • visible metal parts painted in white, other parts zinc-coated
  • maximum permitted vertical load on the bracket is 1000 N

Way of fixing

Set contains

  • 1 x base plate, bracket, holder and plug

Note: modification of the length of the load-bearing profile can allow you to achieve different Tmin and Tmax values.

TypeH (mm)A (mm)Tmin. (mm)Tmax. (mm)Order number
External stand bracket300÷900---Z-U210
Load-bearing profile300460170235Z-U220
Load-bearing profile400560170235Z-U230
Load-bearing profile500660170235Z-U240
Load-bearing profile600760170235Z-U250
Load-bearing profile700860170235Z-U255
Load-bearing profile9001060170235Z-U260
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