All RADIK steel panel radiators except the model RADIK VKU and all radiators in height 200 mm have two upper and lower hangers welded on the back. Radiators with length 1800 mm and longer have six welded hangers.

All radiators are equipped with an air vent and a respective number of blanking plugs. All connections of RADIK steel panel radiators have the same diameter with a G 1/2 internal thread.

Except the types 10 and the models RADIK HYGIENE, RADIK HYGIENE VK, RADIK CLEAN, RADIK CLEAN VK all other models are delivered with end panels and top grills fitted. The radiators in height 200 mm are delivered with the necessary number of “Split Brackets Plus“ designed for mounting on the wall. Stand brackets Z-U400 can be delivered on special order. 

Valves for the models VK

At the time of assembly of the radiator an 8-level valve is fitted into the built-in internal circuit. It is characterized by the following data:

  • value of coefficient kv - example of calculation for Two-pipe heating system and one-pipe heating system
  • valve is factory-fitted in the radiator
  • valve allows a continuous setting from level 1 to level 8
  • factory-preset to level 8
  • setting to another level will be done by the plumber / installation company
  • setting to another level can be done with a special key with a scale 

Calculation of the preset level of the valve:

  • Two-pipe heating system
    When installing VENTIL KOMPAKT steel panel radiators, it is necessary to preset the valve to such a position that the radiator will perform as calculated. It is the responsibility of the installer to make sure this has been done.
    At the factory the valve is preset at level 6 and after rinsing and before the start of the heating test it must be set by a special key to the desired position.

    Example of calculation

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