Packaging and Distribution


All steel panel radiators are delivered in uniform packaging, which consists of:

  • corrugated cardboard
  • plastic reinforcinng corner covers
  • polyethylene shrinking foil
  • strip band
  • inserted information sheet

The packaging protects the radiator during transportation, handling, assembly and after assembly. It should not be removed before the installation and other work is completed.

Transport and storage

The radiators are stored on pallets according to the manufacturer’s internal guidelines. Pallets with radiators should only be transported in covered transport. Radiators which are transported unprofessionally and incorrectly can be deformed or otherwise damaged. It is especially dangerous to transport long radiators on smaller pallets or on top of radiators of a different size.

Radiators must be stored where they are protected from the effects of the weather. They are not to be stored in open, uncovered areas. If they are stored on a flat floor, a maximum of two pallets of the same size may be put on top of each other. Pallets with radiators of type 10 and 11 and all types of the PLAN version may be stored only in one layer.

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