RADIK - How am I supposed to dismantle the upper grille and sidewalls in RADIK panel radiator?

  • For radiators made after 2011.
    • First, you need snap out the top cover holder.
    • Subsequently, remove the KORADO side cover.
    • Slide the side cover first upward (tap the cover bottom with your hand) and then move it to the side (according to the arrows in the diagram). 
    • It is now possible to move and remove the top cover of the radiator / grille.
  • For radiators made before 2011.


-       First it is necessary to grasp the side cover at the upper and lower opening and move it carefully (by about 1 mm) horizontally along the outlets away from after the radiator.

-       Subsequently, lightly tap (with open hand) the lower edge of the sidewall upward (the sidewall moves 2 mm upwards).

-       The side cover is again carefully moved horizontally along the outlets away from the radiator.

-       This procedure is performed on the opposite sidewall, too.

-       The upper grille has to be moved in the horizontal direction to one side, so that the grille is not overlapped on the other sidewall by the upper rounded edge of the sidewall. The end of the grille is gently lifted above the sidewall.

-       The same is carried out with the other end of the grille.

-       The grille is fixed in the radiator with a “J”-shaped plastic “hook”. It is necessary to look to know where, or at which sidewall of the radiator (front or rear) the “vertical leg” of this hook is located.

-       Then the grille is carefully lifted vertically upwards (by max. 3 mm) to be slowly rotated and lifted so that also the hook or, more precisely, its “vertical leg” is pulled simultaneously with the grille, and not in reverse! This will release the hook and dismantle the grill, too.

-       The hook can now be taken out of the grille. 

-       It should be remembered, in which grille aperture the hook was located, and in which direction was oriented. The same applies to the grille.


-       The grille (without a hook) is placed on the radiator.

-       The ends of the grille are gradually pushed beneath the rounded edges of the sidewalls.

-       One hand positioned on the sidewall (at about half the height of the radiator) has to be gently pushed horizontally toward the heater and the other hand lightly "taps" (with open hand) the upper rounded edge of the sidewall downwards - the sidewall thus snaps in the outlets of the heater.

The grille is then fixed with the hook - the hook is inserted into the original hole. This takes place slightly skewed “along the tip” of the “J” letter, and only until the hook is fully inserted on the side of the tip, then it is pushed all the way on the side of the "leg”, too.

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