New products in electric heating for your bathroom

28. 3. 2024


Modern design, higher functionality, attractive prices and much more you will discover thanks to our new products

In April we are launching a new generation of electric heating elements which are intended for direct heating of KORALUX and KORATHERM radiators. All radiator models with new heating elements ensure high heat comfort, extended comfort functions, maximum safety and all this with an attractive price. The top model also has a Bluetooth connectivity, energy consumption control and management as well as several drying modes. The new heating elements are designed for direct electric heating of KORALUX and KORATHERM radiators.

3 types of electric heating elements:

  • with a controller controlled using mobile app - a state-of-the-art solution which combines all the advantages of electric heating elements with a controller with the added benefit of remote control and monitoring via a mobile app. The options are white (with white cable), chrome (with gray cable) and black (with black cable).
  • with a controller - the electric heating elements are equipped with a built-in controller which allows users to set the desired temperature. The options are white (with white cable), chrome (with gray cable) and black (with black cable).
  • without a controller - remains part of the range (the simplest and cheapest option which works on an on/off principle without the possibility of user intervention) newly with a cover with the option of choosing a colour (white with white cable), chrome (with gray cable) and black (with black cable), which guarantees the inconspicuousness of the heating element.

Smart functions: Numerous drying modes, weekly programming and parental control.
Antifreeze protection: The antifreeze function of the liquid in the radiator prevents damage when the weather is cold.
LED indicators: Colour LEDs provide visual information about operating modes and temperature settings.
Two-stage thermal protection: Ensures safe operation and protection against overheating.

More information here.


Another new product line is radiators with an electric booster

An independent electric booster is added to the radiator which can serve as an independent or additional heat source during regular operation of the radiator.

These models are synonymous with innovation, elegance and maximum efficiency. Their unique design and advanced technologies allow you to achieve perfect comfort in your home, with minimal energy costs. Each model is equipped with top technology for intelligent temperature control, which ensures accurate and stable temperature conditions in the bathroom throughout the year. Thanks to the Super Boost function, you can achieve a rapid increase of temperature in no time which is ideal for a period when you need to heat up a room quickly. Plus, with automatic and self-learning programming, these radiators adapt to your lifestyle, leading to further energy savings and enhanced comfort.

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Check out our new. Radiator suitable for heat pumps. RADIK V-POWER

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