Luxurious towel rail radiators for maximum heat output with bottom side connection

Towel rail radiators KORALUX RONDO MAX are produced from closed steel profiles with a D-shaped cross section and curved profiles with a circular cross section. The connecting pitch is derived from the length of the radiator. The radiators are delivered with a set for wall mounting, including an air vent and blanking plugs.

They can also be used for combined heating.

The direct electric radiator KORALUX RONDO MAX – E is also available.

Their design enables drying textiles. This is why KORADO now offers also towel hangers and pegs which extend the practical use of KORALUX towel rail radiators.

Technical Data

Height (H)690, 900, 1215, 1495, 1810 mm
Length (L)445, 595, 745 mm
Depth (B)59, 65, 69 mm
Connecting pitchh = L - 30 mm
Connecting thread4 × G½ inside
Highest allowed working pressure10 bar
Test pressure13 bar
Highest allowed working temperature (°C)110 °C
Coefficient of resistance (DN 15)ξT = 1,8
Flow coefficientAT = 2,1 × 10-4 m2
Pressure LossThe pressure loss of the radiator for the respective working conditions can be calculated by means of the value of the flow coefficient AT or the resistance coefficient ξT (see please the Technical Parameters).
Detailed information about radiator fixing

Types of Connection

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