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Issue information
BSE Code 4KX
Security Type share
Number of securities issued 13 168 614
Nominal Value 1.00
Currency BGN
First trading date 16.12.1997
Market Premium Equites Segment
Previous close 4.4
High 0
Low 0
Average 4.4
Change (%) 0


We would like to inform the shareholders of KORADO-Bulgaria AD that on 19.07.2023 is starting the payment of dividends for the second half of year 2022.

The gross amount per share of the company's capital is: 0.10 BGN /ten stotinki/.

The dividends will be paid through the Central depository system and in all branches of DSKBANK.

The shareholders with investor intermediate customer's account should receive the amount of paid dividend though the respective investor intermediate by the Central Depository AD and shareholders with no accounts of investor intermediate - through the branches of DSKBANK in the country.

  • Number of shares: 13 168 614; Nominal value: 1 BGN
  • Gross dividend per share : 0,10 BGN
  • ISIN code of issue BG11LUSTAT13



Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 19.05.2021

Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders 16.09.2020

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 20.05.2020

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 15.05.2019

Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 23.05.2018

The information in this section of the Korado Bulgaria AD website aims providing easy access to updated and timely information on the most important corporate events, making available materials from past and future events, as well as publishing the most recent messages from the company’s management bodies. This section contains information on the financial and economic development of the company, its shareholders' structure, as well as the most important media events. In case you are interested, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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