Compact bracket P2 RADIK

  • designed mainly for radiators without welded fixing hangers 
  • can be also used for all other models and types with welded fixing lugs except for type 10 and 11 of all models
  • for radiators 1800 mm long and longer, you must use three brackets, the third is positioned in the middle
  • selection dependent on the height of the radiator H
  • zinc-coated metal parts, grill holder painted in white
  • equipped with a safety catch to prevent the radiator from lifting
  • enables mounting on the wall at a distance of D = 30 mm from the wall
  • used for concrete structures and masonry from porous concrete and solid bricks
  • maximum permitted vertical load on the bracket is 1200 N

Way of fixing

Set contains:

2 x bracket, screws 8 x 60 mm, dowel plugs Ø 10 mm
Note: Maximum permitted horizontal load on the bracket in trans verse direction (perpendicularly to
the wall) is 220 N

Type H (mm) B (mm) C (mm) Order number
Compact bracket P2 H = 300 300 119 94 Z-U531
Compact bracket P2 H = 400 400 219 94 Z-U532
Compact bracket P2 H = 500 500 319 94 Z-U533
Compact bracket P2 H = 600 600 419 94 Z-U534
Compact bracket P2 H = 700 700 519 94 Z-U535
Compact bracket P2 H = 900 900 719 94 Z-U536

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