General - How to determine the heat output for a different temperature gradient?

The power of each radiator varies depending on the temperature gradient.

According to the standard EN 442 (Radiators), the thermal power must be measured in an independent accredited laboratory for temperature gradient of 75/65/20 °C. This means that the inlet cooling medium into the radiator has the temperature of 75 °C, the outlet heat transfer medium from the radiator has the temperature of 65 °C under the design air temperature of 20 °C in the heated space.

If those temperatures change, heat output of the unit will change, too. For this reason, we offer in our catalogues power outputs of radiators always for several commonly used temperature gradients (90/70/20, 75/65/20, 70/55/20, 55/45/20). If you use a different temperature gradient than the one shown in our materials, you can use our interactive configurators, that allow you to convert the power outputs for any temperature gradient.

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