5 reasons to choose KORADO ventilation units

Healthy air in the room

Thanks to a sophisticated filtration system the incoming air brought into the room is free from pollutants, dust and pollen. Thus we significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of allergic reactions and lung diseases. This solution is ideal for small children, elderly people and people suffering from allergies and asthmas.

Removal of humidity and harmful substances

An average family of four is able to produce about 12 litres of water a day. Excessive humidity causes the growth and proliferation of mould and fungi. Therefore it is necessary to ventilate the room sufficiently in order to control the humidity. The company KORADO offers ventilation units which will ensure that.

High level of noise absorption

Noise is considered today as one of the major stress factors. Ventilation unit with a high noise absorption is significantly better than the open window, especially at night when the noise is, due to the growing intensity of traffic outside, very annoying. Thanks to KORADO ventilation units you can get rid of it once and for all.


Open windows and French windows always represent a risk to your safety. With KORADO ventilation units your home is sufficiently protected against entry by unwanted persons.

Energy savings

Ventilation should not be associated with wasted heat which actually leaves the room through open windows. Local ventilation units minimize these unnecessary costs to minimum. This modern form of ventilation complies with new regulations on building energy efficiency and therefore significantly contributes to the final evaluation of a building‘s energy performance.


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