Combined Heating

All KORALUX towel rail radiators connected to the heating system can be supplemented with electric heating element without the integrated temperature regulator Z-KT7-XXXX-10, or they can be used with the integrated temperature regulator Z-KT7R-XXXX-XY.

This way a towel rail radiator for combined heating (warm-water – electricity) is created which can be used regardless of whether the heating system is in operation.

The basic version of these electric radiators is connected to the main distribution frame by a cable connected to the wiring box if the electric radiator does not have an integrated temperature regulator, a modified cable enabling direct connection to a socket can be used.

However, the accessories must be ordered according to the required comfort and economy levels and must be installed on the cable.

The following accessories are available:

  • the VS1 plug with manual switch (order code Z-SKV-0002)
  • the RE10A electric temperature regulator (order code Z-SKV-0004)


Electric heater EL.07 with integrated temperature regulator


Electric heater EL.07 without integrated temperature regulator

Basic technical data - electric radiators

Electric heating element EL.07 without integrated temperature regulator Z-KT7-XXXX-10Electric heating element EL.07 with integrated temperature regulator Z-KT7R-XXXX-XY
Switchyes *)yes
Indication of operationyes *)yes
Indication of fault conditionnoyes
Thermostatyes **)yes
Temperature switchyesyes
Temperature limiteryesyes
Selection of operation modesnoyes
Rated voltage230 V / 50 Hz230 V / 50 Hz
Input range200 ÷ 1200 W200 ÷ 1200 W
ProtectionIP 44IP 44
Appliance class11
Lead-in cable length1,5 m1,5 m
Connecting threadG ½G ½
Working positionVertical with the electric power supply at the bottomVertical with the regulator on the bottom-left or bottom-right side

*) applicable only when the VS1 plug or the RE10A temperature regulator are used
**) applicable only when the RE10A temperature regulator is used

Basic technical data - accessories

Technical dataVS1 plug Z-SKV-0002RE10A Temperature regulator Z-SKV-004
Indication of operationyesyes
Choice of operating modesnoyes
Rated voltage230 V/50 Hz230 V/50 Hz
ProtectionIP 41IP 20
Working positionIn compliance with General Safety RegulationVertical with the lead-in cable at the bottom

Warning for your safety:

  • The installation and replacement of the heating element, replacement of the power cable and fitting of all electric accessories may be carried out only by a person with the required and valid professional qualification.
  • The recommended (maximum) heat output values of the electric heating elements mentioned in the technical data sheet of each individual towel rail radiator KORALUX may not be exceeded.
  • If the same outlet is used both for connection of the radiator to the heating system and for the installation of the electric heating element it is necessary to order the “T-branch“ (article code Z-SKV-0001).
  • The allowed working position is only vertical with the power cable below, that means the electric heating element may be inserted in the radiator only from below.
  • The radiator may not be aerated and must be permanently connected to the heating system.
  • Please study carefully the attached “Operating Instructions” where all principles and conditions of a safe operation of the radiator with combined heating are explained and highlighted clearly and demonstrably.

Combined heating - Electric heater EL.07

Electric heating element EL.07 with integrated temperature regulator
Output [W]Ordering code - white finishOrdering code - chrome finishLength [mm]
Electric heating element EL.07 without integrated temperature regulator
Output [W]Ordering codeLength [mm]

Combined heating - Accessories

NameOrder code
"T" branchZ-SKV-0001
VS1 plugZ-SKV-0002
RE10A Temperature regulatorZ-SKV-0004
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