Design radiator with horizontally aligned profiles

KORATHERM AQUAPANEL is a design radiator with horizontally aligned profiles. It is available in single-row (K10A) and double-row (K20A) version. Its design primarily enables bottom middle connection to pressurized heating systems. Alternatively, it is available for bottom side, or diagonal connection. Rectangular steel profiles 70 x 11 mm are used as heating elements, collector profiles are oval 50 x 30 mm. Special mounting set which ensures a safe fitting to the wall is delivered as standard.

Technical Data

Height (H)790, 970, 1240, 1510, 1780 mm
Length (L)500, 600, 750 mm
Depth (B)
- Type K10A 61 mm
- Type K20A72 mm
Connecting pitchL - 50 mm
Connecting threadG½ inside
Highest allowed working pressure4 bar
Highest allowed working temperature (°C)110 °C
Radiator connectionmiddle bottom, bottom connection, double-sided from the top down

Heat output [W]



  • t1 - input water temperature
  • t2 - output water temperature
  • ti - desired room temperature

For the conversion of heat outputs change the default values.

Heat output calculated to ∆T= 50; (t1/t2/ti = for 75/65/20 °C)

Length [mm]

Types of Connection

Overview of Types

Mounting and accessories

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