Design radiators with vertically aligned profiles, side connection and a mirror

Design radiator KORATHERM REFLEX represents a modern design combined with an effective way of heat emission to the heated room. Its front panel produces a high share of radiant heat thus evoking a feeling of thermal comfort. Thanks to its design it is not only pleasant but also a highly practical complement to any reception area and entrance halls in both residential and public buildings.

It is designed for two-pipe pressurized heating systems, the heating profiles are vertically aligned. There is a mirror (size 220 x 1800 mm) attached to the heating surface, it is glued to a strip of zinc-coated metal sheet. The connection to the heating system is side from the top down with a constant connecting pitch of 1750 mm (example of product code K10R). It is equipped with 4 side connections with inside thread G½, an air vent and a blanking plug with G½ thread. It is delivered in types 10 and 20 with side panels.

KORADO now offers also towel hangers and pegs which extend the practical use of KORATHERM design radiators.

Technical Data

Height (H)1800 mm
Length (L)514, 662, 810, 958 mm
Depth (B)61, 72 mm
Connecting pitchh = 1750 mm
Connecting thread4 x G½ inside
Highest allowed working pressure4 bar
Test pressure5.2 bar
Highest allowed working temperature (°C)110 °C

The pressure loss of the radiator for the respective working conditions can be calculated by means of the value of the flow coefficient AT or the resistance coefficient ξT.

TypeResistance coefficient
ξT [-]
Flow coefficient
AT [m²]
K10R 5,6 1,2 × 10-4
K20R 12,9 7,9 × 10-5

Heat output [W]



  • t1 - input water temperature
  • t2 - output water temperature
  • ti - desired room temperature

For the conversion of heat outputs change the default values.

Heat output calculated to ∆T= 50; (t1/t2/ti = for 75/65/20 °C)

K10R K20R
Height [mm] Height [mm]
Length [mm] 1800 1800
514 791 1415
662 1086 1877
884 1381 2339
958 1676 2801

Types of Connection

Overview of Types

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