Vertically aligned panel radiator with bottom middle connection and profiled front panel

RADIK LINE VERTIKAL - M model is a vertically aligned panel radiator with a profiled front panel. It enables a bottom middle connection to pressurised heating systems. It is equipped with 6 connections with a G½ inside thread. There are two upper and two lower hangers welded at the back side of the radiator. Radiators in type 20 and in lengths of 600 and 900 mm have one extra hanger welded at the top.

For connecting to the heating system we recommend using the Integrated Fitting HM supplied with a thermostatic head and on request also with a plastic cover – for more details see please our brochure HM Fittings.

Technical Data

Height (H)1600, 1800, 2000 mm
Length (L)400, 600, 900 mm
Depth (B)
- Type 1052 mm
- Type 2068 mm
Connecting pitch50 mm
Connecting thread6 x G½ inside
Highest allowed working pressure10 bar
Highest allowed working temperature (°C)110 °C
Radiator connectionmiddle connection
Pressure LossThe pressure loss of the radiator for the respective working conditions can be calculated by means of the value of the flow coefficient AT or the resistance coefficient ξT

Heat output [W]



  • t1 - input water temperature
  • t2 - output water temperature
  • ti - desired room temperature

For the conversion of heat outputs change the default values.

Heat output calculated to ∆T= 50; (t1/t2/ti = for 75/65/20 °C)

Type 10 Type 20
Height [mm] Height [mm]
Length [mm] 1600 1800 2000 1600 1800 2000
400 602 661 717 847 927 1004
600 829 909 986 1185 1297 1404
900 1141 1252 1358 1659 1815 1965

Types of Connection

Overview of Types

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