Small ventilation unit with great noise absorption and big advantages: quiet, powerful, easy-to-control and quick to install

To eliminate bothersome outside noise during ventilation try our proven solution – KORAVENT 100. Higher noise absorption in combination with noise-insulating windows will recreate a place of tranquility and peace inside your home for you to enjoy. Other harmful pollutants such as fine dust and pollen will also not enter your room thanks to the various optional filters. Ventilation units may be set using the LCD screen to various modes.

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depth 132 mm

depth 132 mm

height 467 mm

height 467 mm

width 270 mm 

width 270 mm 

air power output from 30 to 180 m3/h

air power output from 30 to 180 m3/h

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467 × 270 × 132
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Technical information

Technical Data

KORAVENT 100 | koravent_100.png
H: Height (mm) 467
Width (mm) 270
Depth (mm) 132
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Air power output with a fan
approximately 30 m³/h
approximately 60 m3/h
approximately 180 m3/h
Noise level (DIN EN ISO 3741)
17 dB (A)
24 dB (A)
41 dB (A)
Power input
2 W
5 W
30 W
Material / color Plastic / white, matt
Filter type G3, F5, aktivní uhlí
Heat recovery efficiency -
Electrical connection 230 V ~ / 0,15 A
Noise absorption (DIN EN 20140-10) 50 dB

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